Multi-modal Sensing Co-creation Consortium Industry-academia co-creation platform Joint research promotion program OPERA


slide1.PNGOPERA at Toyohashi University of Technology leverages its achievements in the Leading Graduate School Program to employ and train doctoral students as RAs. OPERA nurtures them to become doctoral researchers while participating in joint research with companies.

1.Students can experience being a "professional researcher" who works independently and delivers results under a contractual relationship with their employer. At the same time, the opportunity will also help students develop their future careers.

2.For companies, this is an excellent opportunity to recruit talented students with hands-on work experience in research and development.

3.Toyohashi University of Technology contributes to society by producing doctoral graduates trained through this program.

4.The project prepares lectures of the fundamental and applied concepts: an introductory lecture in sensing with hands-on practice for students who are not necessarily sensing major, and a lecture on the practical sensing applications in society. Lecturers from the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) will develop the application course.