Multi-modal Sensing Co-creation Consortium Industry-academia co-creation platform Joint research promotion program OPERA


Consortium Overview

1. Outline
Based on the world's first "Ion Image Sensor" technology developed by Toyohashi University of Technology, we will develop an innovative multimodal sensor that can visualize various physical and chemical phenomena in real-time. To achieve this goal, we need these technologies: (1) microchip design and manufacturing technologies that enable micron-level resolution, (2) multimodal sensing technologies that enable simultaneous observation of multiple physical and chemical phenomena, and (3) technologies to detect changes in various phenomena in real-time. We create those elemental technologies through an enterprise consortium to create sensors that significantly increase the value of the "data" that support the IoT and AI era. We lead the creation of core industries to advance information technology in the medical, biotechnology, and chemical industries.

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2. The goal of the project is to create new value for society
This project is based on the "Ion Image Sensor" technology that enables us to view invisible chemical phenomena. We will make a 5mm square "multimodal sensor" chip that incorporates all functions to detect chemical, pharmacological, and physiological reactions. We propose a new system that uses the sensors to acquire the information in demand. We also acquire information that seems to be unnecessary at first glance. Then we apply deep learning analysis methods to sense adverse signs in such information to take corrective measures beforehand. Together with the participating companies, we intend to revitalize the semiconductor industry that supports "super-smart society." To create new value and new industries by addressing several specific issues our society is facing: disease inspection, the growth and disease damage of crops, avoidance of mass food waste.

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