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JST OPERA Multimodal Sensing Co-Creation Consortium 6th RA Seminar will be held!

News 13/May/2022

The OPERA of Toyohashi University of Technology, as a human resources development program, doctoral students participate as RAs, and we are working with companies to develop human resources who will be responsible for innovation through innovative technology.

 Mr. Hideo Doi, Researcher, Department of Electrical and Electronic Information Engineering, will present "Development of a redox-free neurotransmitter image sensor for high-sensitivity measurement in in vitro experimental environments".

  • Time and Date: 12:30-13:00 Thursday, June 30, 2022
  • Via Zoom. Free of charge, anyone can attend.
    If you're interested in participating in joint research with the University or in Consortium, join us.

RA⑥ Seminar Flyer.png *PDF is downloadable from here

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